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How hard to get a job in Japan in my 30s? 2023/3/22 18:48
Years ago I asked how to get a job in Japan, and I did studied a Bachelor degree. I studied Japanese and my Japanese is now around N4. Though now I have to get a job in my country (VietNam), my job is Designer/3D Game Artist. What I wonder is, after I finished my Japanese study to get N1 level, and several years of experience in my field (probably 5 years), can I get a job in Japan in that industry?
I'm not native English speaker, so I can't get a job as English teacher. My line of work requires very crazy work hour, so I guess I can take on Japan's work culture. The thing is, even in my country It's hard to find a job in 30s. Now I'm 28, it might be easier to find, but when I have 5 years exp, I will be 33 (that is I can find a job right away now, I'm about to graduate).
I know Asians have relatively young workforce, so they like to hire straight out of Uni (22 yo) workers to do tedious jobs. And even though Japan doesn't have young workforce, they like to hire young ones too. Especially when I'm a foreigner, it would be hard to find a company that want to hire me and give me working visa over local workers.
Is it too late and I should give up going to Japan, or there are companies that want foreigners in their 30s there? Thank you for your opinions in advance.
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Re: How hard to get a job in Japan in my 30s? 2023/3/23 09:22
I can't speak to game development because I don't know anything about that. But I can tell you for sure that plenty of people get employed in web development and move to Japan in their 30s.
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