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Zairyu card and arriving time 2023/3/23 23:25

I will be landing at the Haneda Airport in Tokyo, and need to go through immigration customs; I am getting a little confused about the procedure to get the Zairyu Card and the money exchange routines.

I will land at around 11PM, can I still get a Zairyu Card at that late time? Or is there any counter I need to reach during a certain period of the day, I am getting very confused about this. (I am on a work visa)

Furthermore, I would like to know if at that late time I can still exchange my money.

Sorry if the question may sound rather stupid, I am just very new to this process.

Hope you can help.
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Re: Zairyu card and arriving time 2023/3/24 09:01
You will receive the zairyu card whenever you land at the airport.
They will issue your zairyu card on the spot. So, you don't need to
worry about the time of your landing.
About the money exchange, I think there will be one or two currency exchangers will be open and
if you couldn't find the exchanger shop then try to find the ATM machine which can change the
foreign currency into Japanese yen.

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Re: Zairyu card and arriving time 2023/3/24 18:49
I really thank you so much for the help!
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