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Japanese language apps for beginners 2023/3/26 06:51
Hi everybody,

I want to prepare for my upcoming japan trip to Shikoku. So that's why I want to build up some japanese skills.

There are a lot of sites which give out recommendations, but I kinda feel overwhelmed by those several apps out there and still don't know what to choose and what is worth to invest time in.

So that's why I wanted to ask if someone here can give out recommendations from own experience.

I would like to learn the language from scratch including japanese characters.

In the long run I guess it will be best to do some real japanese language courses, but for now I want to start with apps.

I am happy for every recommendation :)
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Re: Japanese language apps for beginners 2023/3/26 11:41
Human Japanese but to be honest is more like a textbook in app form. There is interactivity at least though.

I used iKnow plus a free online grammar guide called Tae Kim back in the day and it took me far as a beginner. After that I pretty much just started speaking, listening to, and reading Japanese.

Duolingo, etc. don't teach you Japanese as much as they teach you how to give you the answer Duolingo wants. I am in several Japanese communities online and every day some poor beginner shows up confused about why Duolingo won't accept their answer. And often their answer is correct Japanese.

Supposedly it is good for European languages but I can't recommend it for Japanese.

Other options might be Youtube channels like Japanese with Misa.
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