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Pillow Fighting in japan 2023/4/1 06:16
Pillow Fighting:do you think,It is common in japan?one day i participate in an event with more than 500 students,coming from same prefecture.In the day we eat Lunch together dance,sing our local song etc etc.At 6 pm we eat Dinner.then authority assign us big room with 50+ students.i found that students start pillow fighting one another in our assigned rooms.After fighting they go onsen and bath together.My Que:do you think pillow fighting
common in japan,especialy young generation
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Re: Pillow Fighting in japan 2023/4/1 17:26
I don't know now, but I think there were people who had a pillow fight(Makura nage,枕投げ,まくら投げ) after the teacher returned to the room after bedtime on the school trip(Shugaku ryoko,修学旅行).
A competition is also held.
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Re: Pillow Fighting in japan 2023/4/2 00:09
First of all, Wikipedia tells me that the American game of Pillow Fighting is different from the Japanese Makura-nage, so I'm going to write about the latter.

Makura-nage is what young students in Japan commonly do when they go on overnight school trips and put into a room of, say, five students or more. It's almost like a ritual. It's, of course, forbidden, but kids do it anyway. It's so common, that kids with allergy seek help in advance.

Wikipedia also tells me that there are official games of Makura-nage.
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Re: Pillow Fighting in japan 2023/4/5 09:14
Arigatou Gozaimasu
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