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Tide advice for Hiroshima and Miyajima 2023/4/2 01:22
I'm planning a one-day trip to Hiroshima and Miyajima from Osaka.
We want to see the peace park, museum and dome in Hiroshima, and in Miyajima we want to see the Torii gate at high enough tide for it to be in the water, then get the Ropeway up Mt Misen and walk down.

From research it looks do-able in a long day.
What I'm not sure about whether to do Hiroshima in the morning, get lunch and head to Miyajima, or the otherway round. As we don't want to miss the Tori gate im water, I need to take the tide time into account to decide.
I have a choice of 4 days we could go, where high tide times are 8am /8pm, 8.30 am /8.45 pm, 9am / 9.30 pm, and 9.40 am /10 pm.
Sunset is at 6.30 pm ish.

Does anyone know how long before or after high tide the Tori gate is still in water?
If we went to Miyajima im the afternoon, would we have a chance to see it in the water before sunset at 6.30pm?

Or if we went in the morning, i don't think we could get to Miyajima earlier than 11am, so would there still be water from the morning high tide? I have no idea how quickly the tide turns!
Any advice greatly appreciated, thank you 😊
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Re: Tide advice for Hiroshima and Miyajima 2023/4/2 07:49
That is a very ambitious plan, good luck with it.
Personally, I don't think you have enough time for everything - I'd be prepared to forgo Mt Misen.
The torii gate is "floating" most of the time, except at the lowest tide. So, you don't need to be there at the highest tide. When the tide is approx 2500mm or more, it appears floating.

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Re: Tide advice for Hiroshima and Miyajima 2023/4/2 10:02
All of the should still have plenty of water at 11. 1-3 hours after peak high is still high.
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Re: Tide advice for Hiroshima and Miyajima 2023/4/2 20:56
Looking at your tide times and what you want to achieve, I am not sure you can do what you need in a day. The museum/park is a daytime thing, as is the ropeway. To see the torii in the water is either when you would be at the museum or when it is dark in the evening (unless I am missing something). Looks like you are trying to do two things at the same time.
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