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Kusatsu onsen or alternatives near Tokyo? 2023/4/4 04:15
I'm planning to visit an Onsen town and stay for 1-2 nights for the full experience. Originally my plan was to do a hike on the second day and I wanted to go to the famous Kusatsu Onsen. Unfortunately the nearby crater is still closed.
What else is there to do? Aparently the town and park can be seen in half a day and soaking in an Onsen for more than 1-2 hour is boring too (for me). So I'm not sure if two nights are necessary, after all nice ryokon are pretty expensive...

So either stay one night at Kusatsu or maybe are there other, more interesting alternatives reachable by public transport from Tokyo? Idealy a place where one can do a hike and only use public transport.
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Re: Kusatsu onsen or alternatives near Tokyo? 2023/4/4 06:19
Kusatsu onsen is quite nice and the water is fantastic, but yeah the ryokans are a bit overpriced and I wasnt wild about the food at ours. There are some hikes and walks closer to Karuizawa (some around Shiraito falls, unfortunately it was too icy for us to walk them when we visited recently) and it is easy to get too and fro by bus. There is a nice hike back at Karuizawa from the lookout and temple back to the ginza street, it was part of the Nakasendo Way (I use the word "hike" in a bushwalk sense).

Also consider Ueda and Bessho Onsen. Or if you stay at Iwamotoro Honkan at Enoshima, it has nice baths (the water isnt sulphury, though) and there are plenty of good walks to do at Enoshima and Kamakura. The food at Iwamotoro is very good, and early morning you can often see Fuji from the hotel.
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Re: Kusatsu onsen or alternatives near Tokyo? 2023/4/4 06:48
Kusatsu hot spring water did not agree with my skin. After the trip to Kusatsu, I did the research and found out the water (undiluted) is very acidic (like pH 1.5). I'm sure most bath houses dilute it to a more suitable acidity, but one bath I soaked briefly caused by leg skin to peel. Besides, Kusatsu is not the most accessible (public transportation wise) onsen.

From Tokyo, Hakone onsen is very popular and it is easily accessible. What I like about Hakone is that there are lots of things to do beside onsen (like hiking, museums, lake cruising, shopping, etc.). I like onsen, but 30 minute dip twice a day is more than enough for me.

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