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Me-Akan Dake - Yamanoyado Nonaka Onsen 2023/4/4 12:04

I'd like to know if people living abroad from Japan have succesfully made a reservation to Yamanoyado Nonaka Onsen in Me-Akan Dake National Park. Several Japanese websites show that there are available rooms at the moment I want to visit, but the English versions of these sites show it fully booked or unavailable. There is little contact information to reach them directly.

Any relevant information would be welcomed. So far, I almost succeeded with a reservation on Rakuten Travel, but not having a Japanese postal address makes it impossible.

Thank you!
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Re: Me-Akan Dake - Yamanoyado Nonaka Onsen 2023/4/4 19:55
It seems that you can only be contacted by phone, Rakuten Travel, or Jalan.
Alternatively, there is an inquiry form on the website of the private public lodging(民営国民宿舎).
メールアドレス=mail address
電話番号=telephone number
お問い合わせ内容=Content of inquiry
送信内容確認=Confirm sent content
Please enter the accommodation name(Yamanoyado Nonaka Onsen=山の宿 野中温泉) and inquire.
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