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Japanese kanji name 2023/4/5 20:09
How do you read or explain this name (詫摩 唯) through a phone call in japanese
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Re: Japanese kanji name 2023/4/6 15:31
As a Japanese, i would pronounce the name as “Yui Takuma,” Yui being the given name and Takuma being the family name.

When you say how you “explain” the kanji, do you mean explaining over the phone which kanji are used, in Japanese, to a Japanese?

Then i would have to go something like:
詫 言偏に 住宅の宅 gon-ben no juutaku no taku [gon-ben (= name for the left part) and “taku” as in the word “juutaku” meaning “housing” (the right part)]
摩 摩擦 の 摩 masatsu no ma [the kanji “ma” as in the word “masatsu” (meaning “friction”)]
唯 唯一 の 唯 yuiitsu no yui [the kanji “yui” as in the word “yuiitsu” (meaning “the only one”)]

We would either take apart a kanji and explain the different parts that make up that kanji, or take a common word which uses the same kanji as reference.
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Re: Japanese kanji name 2023/4/7 22:45
You could also say that 詫 is "詫びるのわ (wabiru no wa)".

Workers would typically type your name into a computer, and I'm sure it would be easier for them that way. If I were you, I'd say "wabiru no wa nandesuga, gonben ni taku toiu ji desu" to make sure they get it right.
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Re: Japanese kanji name 2023/4/20 15:05
Thank you so much!! This is very helpful
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