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New Job Part-time 2023/4/7 09:58
I have a doubt about how to proceed in this situation.
I got my High-skill visa while I was working as University professor. My contract ends in this month and I am on the process to get new one in another university. Both full time positions. In my understanding I have to notify my new job without changing my visa status or new application. That is alright.
However, since my new job may start in 6 months, during this time I am working at that university (2nd one) as lecturer (sort of part-time). They told me I have to just inform I am changing my working place to immigration but do not need apply for new visa since it also allows me to work as part time positions if those are allowed on my visa (this case, university professor).
So, since meanwhile i get my new position and I am working as lecturer, do I need to apply again for a visa or is it alright only to inform my new working place?

The visa i got is the High-skill visa points based.
Thank you for your help.
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Re: New Job Part-time 2023/4/7 21:29
if you have 高度専門職1号, you have to report immigration as follows.
you can't change your job without immigration office permission. (after getting the permission, you can work in the second university.)
consult an immigration lawyer.
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