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Can I work? 2023/4/7 16:08
Hello, I came to Japan last October as a student, I was going to study in a language school untill 2024 Jan but due to problems back home, I couldn't pay the next semester fee.

So I finished my semester on march, and just want to get some money to atleast buy a plane ticket back home.

What I'm wondering is if the student 28 hour is still valid or not, I thought that because I'm not studying anymore, I can't work with it so I've been looking for a job that doesn't look for it.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find such a job, so what I'm wondering is how long can I stay in Japan, and if the 28 hour is valid or not
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Re: Can I work? 2023/4/8 09:05

Sorry to hear of your situation that you can no longer study as you initially hoped.

A few things: once you quit your school, you have to inform the immigration authorities that you are no longer studying at the school within 24 days of the change in your circumstances. The school will do the same.

As far as I know, unless you are planning to find another school to attend, you are not eligible for the 28 hour work permission. Rather, if your only aim is to return home, i would go to your countryfs embassy in Japan to ask for financial assistance to do so.

A job that does not look for a proper work permit/visa, even if you find one, can be dubious in nature and might not even pay you enough to save for an air ticket on top of paying for your rent and daily necessities. And working without a proper work permit/visa is illegal.

Best wishes.
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Re: Can I work? 2023/4/8 09:15
Within 14 days, i should have said.
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