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Spouse visa 2023/4/9 04:16
Right now, I am unmarried and living in Sri Lanka. In 2019, I applied for Student Visa, but Emigration refused it because of my poor language skill. So I gave up my education dream. But I had a very strong interest in Japan, so I started to exchange ideas and cultural things with Japanese people. Then I met a Japanese woman and we started to talk. She was divorced once, and she is fifteen years older than me. We exchanged our ideas, views, and thoughts and I taught her the difficult pronunciation of words in English. As the two of us gained trust, we exchanged pictures of ourselves. I had a crush on her because of her ideas and her younger looks. We decided to get married after three years and six months of our relationship. A very close relationship has been built between her and me now. We want to marry me in Sri Lanka and bring me to Japan, and we are both worried about our age gap.

Thank You.
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Re: Spouse visa 2023/4/9 07:32
Love is God gift.And religion Believe institutio n of marriage.My concern is: Are you Financia lly sovereign? You will not get job right after coming in japan.so can you manage first 3 months house rent,food cost,transport etc
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Re: Spouse visa 2023/4/9 11:42

As far as I know, what the immigration authorities look for when someone applies for gspouse of Japanese nationalh visa is that (1) the marriage is genuine (not for the sake of visa), and (2) the couple (or the Japanese national) can support themselves in Japan.

So for (1) they do seem to ask for info about where you met, how long youfve known each other, photos together, e-mails exchanged, etc., and for (2) they do ask for income/tax info of the Japanese spouse, and any financial guarantor if the Japanese spouse has no income (such as the Japanese spousefs parents, etc.)

So in your case for (1) the age difference gmighth raise suspicion that they might ask more questions about how youfve spent time together, etc.
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