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Company or Eikawa? 2023/4/14 07:37

Quick question,

I am a certified teacher but I want to know if you think it is best to work for a company or just apply to a Eikawa school. I want to try the JET but I dont really think that I god enough and besides, wont I just have to get another job thats half of my salary that I earned before? Or does the JET increase your pay? Money not all that much for me but I dont want to get used o spending a lot of money on myself then cutting half of it back because my salary greatly reduced.

Thank you!
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Re: Company or Eikawa? 2023/4/14 19:37
Expand on what you mean by "a company". Eikaiwas are companies. What jobs exactly are you looking at?

First year JETs earn over 3 million yen. Not a huge amount but probably more than a lot of eikaiwa new hires do. Why wouldn't you be good enough for JET? You said you are a certified teacher. Most JETs are fresh university graduates with no teaching experience or formal training in the education field. If anything I would say that a real teacher like yourself is overqualified for JET, most of whom are not teachers, but ALTs. If teaching is truly your passion you may find the role unfulfilling.
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Re: Company or Eikawa? 2023/4/15 07:18
Thanks. By company I meant Joytalk or AEON or big ones like that. Sorry to confuse you. I really love teaching so I guess ill try the JET program.

Wish me luck!
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Re: Company or Eikawa? 2023/4/16 01:18
Please look into what the job actually involves before you make any decision. An ALT's job is usually quite different from that of what is normally thought of as a teacher. You will be working under a Japanese teacher of English who will probably not have a very good command over the language themselves. Unless you are lucky enough to get placed at a school that is managed very liberally you might not have many opportunities to do much real teaching. Worst case scenario you might find that your main role is that of a human tape recorder.

Don't mean to put you off. Just be aware that you are probably massively overqualified for this role and may find it boring.
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