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School with tattoos 2023/5/1 05:14

I was looking at a vocational school, specifically the Tokyo Hotel School. I noticed in their admission requirements that you can not have any tattoos. I have two tattoos, one between my shoulder blades and one on my hip. Both of these are small and I never wear clothes that show them.

I have seen from other sources that some people with tattoos lie in the interview process about having them if they arenft visible.

Does that really work? I would feel very bad about lying but Ifd feel even worse not being able to go just for that reason. Especially since by the time I apply it would be the only thing holding me back.

I would also be worried about a situation arising where the lie would be exposed. Such as in a changing room, etc. I donft know if thatfs even a thing.

But if anyone could give any advice I would very much appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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Re: School with tattoos 2023/5/1 08:51
Changing rooms are definitely a thing. I can see how in a hotel youfll wear a hotel uniform so there will be a changing room.

Maybe check out some other hotel schools?

Also do you plan working in Japan? Then your tattoos may be again a problem.
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Re: School with tattoos 2023/5/1 15:09
I couldn't find any schools by that name, but regardless, I'm guessing that even if you were able to enroll to a school, the tourism industry in Japan, at the moment, generally does not offer jobs for tattoo-holders dealing directly with customers. In other words, you may be able to spend your money to study, but you won't be able to earn money from what you had studied.

That said, I don't know how it works in your country, but in Japan there are sessions where pre-college students can ask questions about higher education in general. By asking professionals, one might be able to get answers that help one get around the rules without lying. I wonder if you can talk to someone such as your teacher so that you can get in touch with people who can answer your needs better.

The world is changing. If you're a serious student, you shouldn't be stopped from learning something that may help you prepare for a time the industry accepts you.
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Re: School with tattoos 2023/5/1 15:14
Thanks for the advice. The school is one in Tokyo that specialises in training for those who want to work in the hotel industry.

I will take your advice and speak to an instructor about what I should I do. Maybe there are other schools or careers they could suggest for me.
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