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Visa renewal 2023/5/2 03:55
I have a question about spouse visa.

I applied for the renewal without nouzeshoumeishou reiwa 4.
The city hall staff told me i don't have it so i had no choice but apply without that document.

Today i received a letter from the immigration asking me to send them or bring the nozeishoumeishou as it is necessary for the application.
I am a bit confused (⚲⚲)
I will try to go to the city hall again and ser what they will say this time.

I really don't know why and what to do in case I can't get it....
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Re: Visa renewal 2023/5/2 09:13
Are you a dependent on your Japanese spouse?
I believe youfd need to bring gnouzei shoumeishoh (certificate that youfve paid taxes) of either yourself or of your Japanese spouse to show that the two of you make enough to support yourselves.
So if you donft have any income (or only part-time work and make below the minimum for paying taxes on your own), youfd need to ask your Japanese spouse to obtain his/her tax certificate.
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Re: Visa renewal 2023/5/2 16:25
in the case of the renewal of spouse status,
they request your spouse's (a Japanese) income certificate primarily. if not sufficient, you can add your (a foreigner) income certificate secondary.
the reason is probably that spouse status is a "dependent" of a Japanese national in immigration matter.
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