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Nara Station to Murou Art Forest 2023/5/4 12:52
Can anyone help me making the itinerary and routes?

For some reasons, when put these two places on Google Map, it says that the Map could not calculate transit direction.

I am coming from Kyoto to Nara Station early in the morning, and would like to go to Murou Art Forest directly from Nara station.

Spend some time before going back to Nara station around 1-2pm, visit the popular areas, and go back to Kyoto around 7-8 pm.

Can anyone help me with this plan? or is it too much?
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Re: Nara Station to Murou Art Forest 2023/5/4 21:14
Hmm…. Strange, my google maps comes up with an itinerary. Essentially it is Nara to Sakurai then Sakurai to Muroguchiono Station and then from there bus no. 44 to Murouji bus stop. This bus seems to be pretty frequent (for being such a remote area). I checked for a random weekday and Sunday, and it seems to be kind of hourly, except around mid day, when there is a near 2 h break.
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Re: Nara Station to Murou Art Forest 2023/5/4 21:16
Hey, thank you so much!

Yes very strange.. Never had this problem before..

And may I know if the route going back to Nara station is the same as the one going from?

Thank you
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Re: Kyoto Station to Murou Art Forest 2023/5/5 00:20
Since you are planning to go to the Murou Art Forest from Kyoto, you can take the Kintetsu line train from Kyoto Station to Yamayo Yagi Station and then change trains there to go to Murouguchi-Ono Station. That involves only one train transfer. As already advised, you would then take a bus to Muroji Temple and then walk uphill about 20 minutes to the Murou Art Forest.

Then, you can do the reverse trip, but instead of taking the train from Yamato Yagi to Kyoto, you would take that train to Yamato Saidaiji Station and transfer there to go to Kintetsu Nara Station, which is relatively close to Nara Park.

To spend less time travelling on the train, you can pay a bit extra and take the limited express trains between Kyoto and Yamato Yagi and Yamato Yagi and Yamato Saidaiji.

A few minutes' walk from Murouguchi-Ono Station (you can also get off the bus from Murouji on the way back) is a very interesting small temple called Ono-ji.
There's a giant stone Buddha carving on the opposite of the river which is incorporated in the temple. https://enntourism.com/spots/ono-ji-temple/

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