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Who can ride monorails in Japan? 2023/5/5 04:37
Hi, I am a lover of Japan, of its history, culture, tradition, but also of its technological progress and also and above all that it is the number one Nation in the world in the transport sector.
I love the world of transport, they are my whole life, and I absolutely love monorails, and the Japanese ones are the most beautiful of all and ever (Tokyo, Tama, Osaka, Kitakyushu, Okinawa).
Is there a possibility that a 26-year-old Italian boy could be hired as a driver of these monorails in Japan?
And if this is not possible, could you at least tell me what are the precise requirements and all the exact selection and hiring process, and where can I read this? Thanks to anyone who will answer me, I hope you can help me. I love Japan forever!
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Re: Who can ride monorails in Japan? 2023/5/5 14:29
Ride or drive? Huge difference.

The requirements for driving would be on any monorail companies website in the corporate hiring sections.

Those documents will be in Japanese as that is a minimum requirement for working public's transport in Japan.
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Re: Who can ride monorails in Japan? 2023/5/6 01:29
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