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Drawing class for foreign students 2023/5/15 00:23
Hi ;
My daughter is learning Japanese in Tokyo.
She is looking for hoby classes in the afternoon -
Going to drawing class or ; or martial arts class like Aikido.
Is there any classes that fit foreign residents?
Are there any discount prices for students?
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Re: Drawing class for foreign students 2023/5/15 10:06
How old is your daughter? Does she need help in any other language?
Which area in Tokyo? I am sure there are local small-group tutoring programs for kids for drawing.

Just another idea: If she is young (I mean like 1, 2, or 3rd grader in elementary school) and attending a public school, she should be able to go to an after-school child care program (ggakudou hoikuh), at which she can spend time with other kids – reading, playing outdoors in the school yard, etc. – which might help with her language learning too.
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Re: Drawing class for foreign students 2023/5/15 12:17
Susanne f your daughter is already an adult, meetup is a good place to find all type of activities. Some in English some in Japanese some mixed.
I went to some ink drawing classes last year, which was quite nice.
Regarding sport she could could just look up local aikido (otger sport) classes.

If she is studying at a university there will be sports teams. If at a language school she can ask her teachers or classmates for suggestions.
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