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switch from student visa to tourist 2023/5/15 15:14
I have about one more month to complete my year-long study at a Japanese language school in Tokyo. However, I have been very disappointed by the quality of the school and the professors, so much that I feel like my skills haven't actually improved.

For my final months in Japan, I was hoping to quit school and travel around. How easy is it to change my visa status? Do I need to leave the country and come back in to do so?

Would it be better to quit and just stay until the reminder of my student visa? Is that possible?

Any other suggestions of what to do?
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Re: switch from student visa to tourist 2023/5/17 11:46
The only way to know for sure is to literally just call and ask the immigration office. They could give you a better answer since they are the ones who make those changes.

Sorry to hear that you didn't get the education that you paid for, but welcome to the world of going to college and being scammed out of actual education. Unfortunately these days, it's more about the schools making money than actually teaching things that people need in life.

I wish you luck trying to change the visa, so just ask what you'd need to do to change it. It's possible you may have to leave and then come back on a tourist visa. I know some people have gone to korea for example and then just come back to Japan on a tourist visa.
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