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IC card from Fukuoka to use through Japan? 2023/5/19 19:42

I'll flying into Fukuoka, then travelling northward all the way to Hokkaido over a period of 28 days. In that case, I will likely have to purchase a SUGOCA IC card for use within Fukuoka and the applicable areas in Kyushu. I have a few questions arising from this:

1. Would this SUGOCA IC card be useable in other cities in Japan on transport systems that also use other IC cards - e.g. SUICA or ICOCA, etc? E.g. Hiroshima, Osaka, Nagano, Tokyo, Yamagata, Aomori, Hakodate & Sapporo, etc. I have been reading Japan Guide and other websites, and it seems like there is no compatibility issue.

2. The follow-up question would then be - would I be able to recharge the balance on the card wherever there are top-up stations for IC cards? E.g. I may only put in 1000-2000 yen in Fukuoka, and then need to top up in Hiroshima. Would that be possible with any such IC card top-up station? Or would I have to go to the ticket office to do it?

3. And finally, if I am able to top up the card wherever there are top-up stations for IC cards, then would it be possible to use Paywave credit cards? Or must it be cash exclusively?

4. I haven't been carrying much case on my travels for a number of years now, and the thought of having to carry cash and coins is a bit alien to me. I'm interested in the IC card for this very reason and if use of credit cards is possible at major stations, then it would be most helpful.

Thank you very much for any advice in relation to this matter!
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Re: IC card from Fukuoka to use through Japan? 2023/5/20 06:29
Millions of japanese use IC card in a singleday
But i always travel japan by willer bus pass
7 Day =15300 yen,it is cheaper nd convenient
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Re: IC card from Fukuoka to use through Japan? 2023/5/20 07:00
There are about 10 different IC cards, and they are essentially interchangeable as far as usage goes.
1. Yes - in fact, I have a Hayakaken card and just used it in many places in Japan last week. One thing to remember though - there is a lot of misinfo about them on other fora online - you cannot use them "everywhere in Japan", or just anywhere. In most major cities and suburbs, yes. Look at the map on
The colored areas you can use them, the gray areas you cannot.

2. Yes, you can do this too. I did it on the machines in Tokyo and Kyoto.
3. I'm afraid I can't answer this - don't know enough about Paywave. But cash is no problem at all.
4. You will still need cash on you in Japan.

Be aware also that if you want to refund any balance, you can only do so in a card's area of origin. Also note that if there is some foul up with a travel transaction, the card will be frozen and you can't use it unless you go back to the region where it happened and get it cleared up.
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Re: IC card from Fukuoka to use through Japan? 2023/5/20 16:20
Thank you very much for the link! I seemed to have totally missed the top part of that same page when I read it... yikes!

And yes, noted about cash in Japan... I will be visiting many of the outlying areas from the main city centres, so I guess for the buses and trams and trains (non-JR), it would have to be cash and paper tickets...
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