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How long until job offer 2023/5/24 10:08

I had yesterday a job interview and got a call 30 minutes afterwards that I passed and I should wait a little bit for the offer.

Of course I am really eager to see the offer and reload my mail constantly.
How long did you need to wait for the offer and what kind of internal process does this involve (I guess HR needs to get the offer approved first)?

I remember when I got my last job in Japan I got the offer the evening on the same day as the interview.
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Re: How long until job offer 2023/5/24 13:09
Um, that depends on each company. Not a Japan specific question.
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Re: How long until job offer 2023/5/26 10:34
I'm kind of confused why you're asking people on a forum as to how long a specific company takes to reply back to you.

If you got accepted and passed the interview, that's good news already. Why stress about something that you already got accepted to? They'll contact you again with the follow up. It just seems like common sense to me, so I really don't get why you're asking people on this forum.
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Re: How long until job offer 2023/5/27 10:07
It’s not that I am stressed out, but I am a team leader in my current company and in the middle of taking over some responsibilities from another person.

Unless I have the offer, I cannot make the decision if I should leave or not and I feel sorry for my current company that the spend a lot of time and resources to train me about my new responsibilities if there is a strong possibility that they have to do it all over again in the near future…
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Re: How long until job offer 2023/5/28 01:03
When you got the call, you should've asked how long you should wait. But if I were you, and if it were a job in my specific field, I'd wait a week and call back to apologize I forgot to ask how long. Because sometimes they forget too. And I agree with Likebike.
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