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Kumano walking times 2023/5/29 18:36
Hi, I've been trying to research but am getting a little overwhelmed by the amount of information! I will be coming from Osaka/Kyoto and would like to walk the Nakahechi trail (beginning from Takijiri) and returning to Tokyo, if possible from Kumano Hayatama Taishi (Shingu Station). My guess is that the route would be Takijiri to Hongu Taisha to Nachi Taisha to Hayatama Taishi. Is this a 2 or 3 day hike? Where would the suggested overnights be to experience the best onsen / ryokan. I am open to all suggestions and was expecting daily walks of 6-7 hours...starting early so I can enjoy the pleasure of the accommodations later in the day. I've reached out to Tanabe City Kumano Tourism several times with no response so thought I'd ask here.
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Re: Kumano walking times 2023/5/30 08:08
Do you mean the first two day walk on this page? https://www.tb-kumano.jp/en/kumano-kodo/suggested-walks/
1st day 6 hours, second day 8 hours. If travelling to/from on those walking days, that would make for long days.
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Re: Kumano walking times 2023/5/30 09:13
The whole Nakahechi Route + Nachi Falls is 4 days/3 nights.

Accommodation is actually a bit tricky, they book out months in advance and youfll have to wait quite a while after making your booking request.

To give you an idea of the walking times and distances


I camped the whole route, which made the accommodation a bit easier.
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Re: Kumano walking times 2023/5/30 16:11
Thank you for your answers. I started with incorrect info which led me to believe it was a 3 day walk. I now see, to enjoy, I would need 4/5 days. Both references are perfect!
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