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Withdrawing CoE to apply for new one 2023/5/31 15:08
I have applied for a Japanese language school via an agency in the middle of this month. I have asked them about the two language schools that are my choice. They said that I can only applied for my second choice because, the first has already closed their application.

but then I have recently found out that the other language school, that is my first choice to apply, is still available, but I have to apply for it directly. Which is the reason why the agency said that the applications were closed.

So obviously, I also applied for the other school and then I contacted the agency about withdrawing from the one that I've applied with them.

The problem is that the school has already begun the CoE process and had submitted the documents to the immigration. They also told me that withdrawing right now and applying for another CoE after that will lead to a bad history record, and the second CoE will surely be rejected.

Is it true that you can't apply for another CoE after a recent withdrawal? Should I just stick with the second school? My first choice will send the documents to immigration in the middle of next month, but I am currently unsure about what to do next.
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Re: Withdrawing CoE to apply for new one 2023/5/31 18:13
I am not a lawyer, and I have not had such experiences myself, but as far as I know, if someone has gtwo applications for CoEh at the same time, that will be a problem. Both of the attempted applications will be rejected.

So if the agency withdraws the current application quickly, AND THEN the second one is sent through, it should be OK. (The immigration authorities should be able to see the difference – one comes through an agency, the other direct – and maybe see what has happened, or at least you can explain it clearly if they should ever ask.)
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Re: Withdrawing CoE to apply for new one 2023/5/31 19:52
Hi Ak,

Thank you very much for the advice! Do you know how long it takes to cancel the process? and would it affect my records in negative way? I've stayed in Japan for four years for my bachelor degree but I don't know if that would help with the results after canceling the first one.
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Re: Withdrawing CoE to apply for new one 2023/5/31 21:12
I do not know.

Isnft there a way to ask the school (your first choice) to tell the immigration bureau, or enclose a letter from you saying, that you are applying anew for COE because the agency has told you earlier mistakenly that you could no longer apply for that school, butnowyou know you can, so that youfve asked the agency to cancel the earlier application?
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