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Can I attend college or university? 2023/6/3 21:29
Can I attend college or university (in my leisure time)when I'm working kaigo work visa?And also , please answer there is any bachelor program that can attend at night? Please answer me.Thanks...
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Re: Can I attend college or university? 2023/6/4 11:40
Colleges and universities often provide short-term uภ orƒR[ƒX open to ’ฎuถ, and any person would be free to attend, usually for a fee. You can be a tourist or anything. Everyone has the right to learn.

If you have specific colleges or universities in mind, watch out for their official information on their websites or bulletin boards in their premises.

Or if you have a specific field in mind, there often are websites and magazines specializing in that field, and the classes would be advertised. Quite often, the lecturers would advertise it on their social media account such as on Twitter.

Bachelor programs are also available depending on the college/university, and it would always be clarified on their websites.

Sometimes, workplaces have a system to financially support their workers to attend classes outside. You may want to discuss it with your boss or a senior.

But I understand that kaigo (caregiving) is a very demanding job that require a lot of night shifts. I truly hope you can find the time and energy that allows you to study in some way.
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Re: Can I attend college or university? 2023/6/5 11:45
theoretically possible, but probably practically impossible.
to get a degree, you have to attend school at night regularly, for example, from 6PM to 9PM weekday. but, in your case, generally speaking, care workers job is irregular in time. (there should be a shift schedule.) probably, you need to ask your employer that you can get a special treatment about your working schedule for a long time.
normally, bosses will not permit to do so, because the special permission to you will cause other worker's complaints. that is, a small stone may cause strong waves in a calm pond.
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Universities that have evening classes 2023/6/18 19:37
I want to try to get a bachelor degree while working in japan.(now I'm living in my country and I want to prepare the needs to enter university)
I searched university that have evening classes on Google but I didn't find anything about it.

Please, answer me if you have time about
- the universities that have evening classes in japan especially Osaka and Niigata(because my work is probable in those regions).

Sorry for wasting your time and really really thank you....
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Re: Can I attend college or university? 2023/6/18 22:16

I don't know whether that's possible for you or not, but here you go.
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Re: Can I attend college or university? 2023/6/18 22:32
Thank you very much.It is very helpful to me.
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