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Hirosaki Route Bus Schedule 2023/6/3 21:54

Need a bit of help with the route bus timetable. From what I understand of the websites I have been delving into, there is a 100-yen bus that runs in Dec in Hirosaki but until 5 pm only. I am travelling from Yamagata to Aomori (8 am to 12 pm), then dropping off my luggage before going off to Hirosaki at around 1.00 pm. I intend to spend time in the Hirosaki Park (which I gather is free between Nov & Mar) from maybe around 2-3.30 pm and then going over (through the Park and exiting at the North Gate) to the Neputa Mura until it closes at 5.00 pm. I would then probably backtrack and stroll through the Hirosaki Park to look at the winter lights before taking a bus back at the the stop outside the Hirosaki Cultural Centre. I understand that the sun would have set already by this time after 5.00 pm so I should get a good view of the lights. After which, I want to take a bus back to Hirosaki Station. Now, the 100-yen route buses would have stopped running so I would have to take the regular route buses. And that's where I can't understand the Japanese timetables even with the translation software...

This is the URL for the 100-yen route bus: https://35fss.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/HirosakiBusInfo2020.pdf

This is the URL for the Hirosaki route buses run by Konan Bus Company:

This is the specific timetable I am looking at from the URL above:
For bus no. 10, the top of the table says that 文化センター前 (in front of Bunka Centre) is one of the stops on this route. But in the timetable accompanying this in the same table, I don't see that set of characters so there's no timing...

Would appreciate help to read and interpret the timetable. And if I am completely off, please help point me in the right direction.

Thank you very much!
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Re: Hirosaki Route Bus Schedule 2023/6/4 10:58
The current timetable is up to November 30th, so there is a high possibility that it will change in December.
Please check back soon.
List of buses that stop in front of Bunka Center
If the bus is bound for Hirosaki Station Bus Terminal or Hirosaki Station, head towards Hirosaki Station.
It takes about 5 minutes on foot from Hirosaki Station Bus Terminal to the station.
The Ajigasawa Line and Itayanagi Line are also likely to be available until November 30th, but I'm not sure about December.
The Hirosaki-Goshogawara line probably doesn't stop in front of the Bunka Center if it's bound for Hirosaki. Buses stop in the opposite direction.
If you don't know about the bus, please check at the tourist information center on the day.
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Re: Hirosaki Route Bus Schedule 2023/6/4 12:46
Thank you haro1210! Are you aware when the Dec to Mar schedule is typically released? Cos I'll be in Japan in the Kyushu by 2 Dec... and I probably won't have much time to do research while touring... hopefully schedules are out earlier cos Sep & Oct & Nov, are my crazy months at work...
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Re: Hirosaki Route Bus Schedule 2023/6/4 13:40
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Re: Hirosaki Route Bus Schedule 2023/6/4 16:16
I don't know when it will be updated, but I think it will be updated in November.
Information on Navitime and Jordan will be updated when the timetable is revised.
If you use Google Translate, you can look it up even in Japan.
(By the way, when I was traveling abroad alone, there was no Google Translate.)
If you really don't have time to look it up, ask at the tourist information center.
If you ask the same question again just before going to Hirosaki, someone might answer. (If I had seen the question, I might have answered it)
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Re: Hirosaki Route Bus Schedule 2023/6/4 17:19
Thank you . I have seen that page.

Thank you haro1210 for your help... looks like I just have to re-check all my timings once Nov comes about.

There's this other page released by the Hirosaki Tourist Centre and I think scanned by someone and released online... it shows the bus timings after 5 pm... but it doesn't say which part of the year it applies... Ha ha... I thought it would be helpful for the tourism centres to just leave the schedules up for reference even if there would be changes...

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