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Visa application reply postcard 2023/6/5 00:05

I have applied for extension of period of stay (long term resident). I have received the reply postcard, and it seems ambiguous, Ifd need your opinion on it.

It is postcard, not letter.
It came as registered mail, and the 4000 yen stamp is not marked.

It, however, has no specified date and hour to appear, just a deadline as always, normally.

Also, it is not written that only the applicant personally can go.

And the counter is the normal A1 counter, not consultation counter.

With these details above, what is the case?
Please tell your opinion/experience.

Thank you very much in advance to all you guys.

by Ben (guest)  

Re: Visa application reply postcard 2023/6/5 09:57
Not sure how much help my reply will be cos I've never applied for an extension of a " long term resident visa " andit seems to be a visa with very specific conditions; but from my experience, visa extension notifications from immigration always come in the form of a postcard, I've never seen it arrive as a letter before. Maybe different prefectures operatre differently, I wouldn't know.

Yes the applicant only goes, and it usually tells you how much yen to bring. Normal counter, no consultation so your info seems to be a bit different...?
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Re: Visa application reply postcard 2023/6/5 10:53
As far as I know, if it came as registered mail, it means they have something they want to confirm with you/ask you. (If it came in an envelope, it often means they want more documents.)
Since itfs the gusualh counter, it is likely to be just a few questions verbally.
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Re: Visa application reply postcard 2023/6/5 11:25
If you got your postcard in the mail for your residency and they are asking you to go to the immigration office with the 4000 yen stamp, that's correct.

Whenever you get approved to pick up your residence status that's been granted, you will pay a 4000 yen revenue stamp that is in the same building as the immigration office that you can purchase.

Is this your first time going through the immigration office? This is pretty standard if you've already been there and submitted your paperwork. They're just telling you what you need to bring to get your residence status.
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Re: Visa application reply postcard 2023/6/5 11:56
if they use a post card, the information on the card is standard (not special). if someone can read it, it is not harmful for you.
if you get an envelope, the information inside is special for you ( secret for you).
if you get a registered mail, it means they will not accept your statement that you don't receive it.

therefore, postcard is a good sign for you.
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