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JR Kisei Line 2023/6/5 22:08

We want to travel by train from Osaka to Kiirakutsuura. We have to use the JR Kisei Line. But impossible to find a timetable and to know if it's free with the JR Pass.
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Re: JR Kisei Line 2023/6/6 06:26
Do you mean Kii Katsuura? Or Kii uchihara?

Time table you can find on google maps (for example) and yes as this is a JR line it is covered by the JRP
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Re: JR Kisei Line 2023/6/6 08:01
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Re: JR Kisei Line 2024/1/20 12:26
I'm not sure if it's included in the JR Pass but it's a JR train and I'm not aware of anything that would exclude it from the JR Pass so I imagine it's probably included. I've never used JR Pass though, perhaps bring cash just in case?

Timetables are available here:

For those not using JR Pass: Most trains on JR Kisei Line seem to be reserved seating only, you can tag on with your IC card to cover basic fare and buy a reserved seat limited express ticket from the conductor on the train (sometimes they have facilities for card, sometimes they only take cash). You can also buy a ticket at the station before boarding the train, which is generally the preferred option.

(Note: I assume OP has already found the answer to this question on their own, just posting a reply because I came across this question while looking for the timetable myself and I though the info might be useful to others.)
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