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Leaving Japan Procedures 2023/6/6 12:46
Hi all.

I'm currently working in Japan on a visa sponsored by my employer (specialist in humanities) expiring in 2027.

I'm planning to quit my job and leave Japan for another country for work. Unlikely to return to Japan for employment.

What is the procedure for leaving Japan? Do I need to inform immigration once I quit my job and tell them that I plan to leave Japan? I know I'm supposed to go to my ward office and tell them I'm leaving (]o = tenshutsu todoke) within 14 days before my departure.

As for residence tax, my Japanese wife will remain in Japan for the next few months and can assist me with the payment of these taxes.

Is there anything else I need to do to inform the authorities of my departure?
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Re: Leaving Japan Procedures 2023/6/8 10:28
This might just be common sense, but why not call and ask immigration yourself to find out the answer and see what they say instead of asking random people here on a forum that may or may not have the correct answer? At least they would give you the correct answer if you call immigration and they can literally just give you the correct procedure.
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