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Where to pickup Beppu 7 Hells Jigoku pass 2023/6/23 08:16

I will be going to Beppu in August 2023.

I am looking to visit the Jigokus, starting from Chinoike Jigoku/ Tatsumaki Jigoku, Kifune castle and then the other jigokus (Umi, Komodo, etc).

My question is, can I buy the 7 Hells pass near Tatsumaki Jigoku or Chinoike Jigoku?

Also, if I buy this pass online, can I redeem the pass near Tatsumaki Jigoku or Chinoike Jigoku?

And, if I buy the one day Bus pass, will I get the 10% discount on the 7 hells admission pass?

by Karthik Kurapati (guest)  

Re: Where to pickup Beppu 7 Hells Jigoku pass 2023/6/24 04:21
When I did it, I just bought it at one of the Hells. But regarding your plans, I suggest you arrange things for the Tatsumaki Jigoku and Chinoike Jigoku - they are about 2½ km away from the rest. The Tatsumaki blows every 35-40 minutes or so. I suggest you go there first, and find out the next time it is set to erupt. If it is more than about 20 minutes away, then go see the Chinoike first - otherwise, there is next to nothing to see, and you are just wasting time waiting. The whole Hells tour only takes a few hours.

If you have the time, the Takasakiyama Monkey Park is also worth seeing in Oita City. August will be brutally hot and humid though. Make sure you stay hydrated. Going up to the top of Mt Tsurumi for the view of the weather is good may give you some relief.
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