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Visit Somaro T.H. & Kamo Aquarium 2023/7/8 02:00
Am arriving in Sakata on Princess Diamond Cruise Ship at 7 AM and departing at 5 PM. How best to inexpensively get to Somaro Tea House and Kamo Aquarium and return in time.

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Re: Visit Somaro T.H. & Kamo Aquarium 2023/7/9 10:21
The cruise ship arrives at Sakata North Port Kominato Wharf(酒田北港古湊ふ頭).
After searching the route on Google Maps, it takes about 13 minutes on foot from Kominato Wharf to arrive at the Kominato(古湊) bus stop of the Runrun Bus(るんるんバス). Get off at the Kitashinmachi 2-chome(北新町2丁目) bus stop and walk about 7 minutes to arrive at Somaro.
Buses run on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
So if you arrive on Tuesday, November 21st, you won't be able to board.
If you arrive on Friday, November 3, you can ride.
About 10 minutes by taxi from Sakata North Port Kominato Wharf to JR Sakata Station.
From there, take a train to JR Tsuruoka Station, 20-30 minutes (depending on the train).
About 40 minutes by bus bound for Yunohama Onsen from JR Tsuruoka Station to Kamo Aquarium.
Get off at Kamo Aquarium bus stop.
Kamo Aquarium
I've never been there, but personally I think it's hard to go to two places.
I think it's better to do one or the other.
If you want to see Somaro's dance performance, lunch and set starts at 12:00, and performance only starts at 14:00.
Kamo Aquarium is open all year round, but Somaro has days off on weekdays, so check the website in advance to see if it will be open.
In Sakata, Sankyo Warehouse and Honma Museum of Art are also famous.
I've never been on a cruise ship, but if there is a passenger-only day tour, it might be a good idea to join it.
Check here for train times.
Sakata Tourist Information Center
Tsuruoka Tourist Information Center
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Re: Visit Somaro T.H. & Kamo Aquarium 2023/7/18 09:40
Thank you!!!
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