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Izu food, nature, off-beat, culture? 2023/7/27 07:20
Our family of 4 (kids 11 and 14) have two days of Ito-based car hire to slowly enjoy the Izu Peninsula in early October.

We welcome suggestion of highlights that we could experience - even a rough itinerary if you are feeling generous!

We're interested in local food specialities, nature-based activities (such as rotemburo, Kawazu 7 waterfalls, Jogasaki coast), anything just off-beat (like the Inquisitive Girls and Boys Museum) or unique cultural activities, sights, or experiences.

All suggestions welcome! Thanks in advance
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Re: Izu food, nature, off-beat, culture? 2023/7/28 11:00
Izu Shaboten (zoo) is fantastic, they look after the animals well and you can get in with some. Also great views of the bowl mountain and ocean. Treat yourself to a cactus burger and cactus icecream, both very pleasant (not much cactus in them, really).

Shuzenji is a nice town (wasabi icecream, fantastic, also deep fried fish skeletons as bar snacks in one place, surprisingly good). But not much for the kids to do maybe.

A lot of fresh fish there, we stayed at Taisekan for a few days which I would recommend for value and food though the town (Ajiro) was comatose quiet.
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Re: Izu food, nature, off-beat, culture? 2023/7/28 14:28
I donft know Izu peninsula too well. But do agree with Shuzenji and would also try for an onsen on the coast. I have wonderful memories of one in Imaihama.

I also remember going to a wasabi plantation somewhere between Shimoda and Shuzenji.

I donft remember when you go, but if it is late Feb/early March the first sakura in Kawazu are flowering.
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