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English unis/colleges in Japan? 2005/7/2 19:41
I would like to know if there are any universities or colleges in Japan whose classes are in english.

Thanks! :)
by Alex  

Yes! 2005/7/12 10:29
Yes ^^ Temple University Japan. Its a American University where you can earn and US accredited degree in Japan. It is located in Minato-Ku, about a 10 minute walk from Keio University. It has about 1500 students. I went there as an exchange student. It's a great place
by Dan rate this post as useful

Sophia University 2005/7/12 12:00

Sophia University's Ichigaya Campus is another college in Tokyo. It's located in the center of Tokyo so it is very convenient. At Sophia, all the classes are taught in English. It's more like an international campus. It's based on the American system, and there are lots of exchange students because the Japanese program is known to be one of the best in Tokyo.
by samurai rate this post as useful

thanks 2005/7/14 01:39
Ok! Thanks a lot both of you! :)
by Alex rate this post as useful

abot Sophia 2005/7/14 22:01
my question is about Sophia University...
i'm a engnear degree holder.I want to continue my high studies in Japan in English meadium.can i have my Phd in that university.if i can't help me to find like those universities in japan.i'm already living in Japan.
thank a lot.
by ben rate this post as useful

To ben, 2005/7/19 23:52
I recommend "ICU"(International Christian University) in Mitaka-sity, tokyo.
There are lots of foreign student!
Here is the website:
by Mayu rate this post as useful

About ICU 2005/7/20 15:55
Yeah I've heard of ICU before. Could you tell me if the classes are in english and japanese or just english?
(the link for some reason doesn't work)
by Alex rate this post as useful

Question 2006/2/22 11:42
how much money are for these colleges? can you get an american schalorships to pay for them?
by Jon rate this post as useful

canadian? 2006/2/22 11:56
all these seemed to be based on the SAT and i am also looking for courses in the fine arts department, any help there?
by lost in canada rate this post as useful

fin aid 2006/2/23 01:31
With TUJ you can use American finacial aid. They offer their own scholarships to people with 3.0+.
by --- rate this post as useful

hmm 2006/2/23 15:44
what about canada? lol with american colleges in japan, your required to have taken the SAT's , i can take them but... i wud rather not
by lost in bc rate this post as useful

ICU 2006/6/6 18:55
I just got accepted by ICU.I couldn't apply for Sophia Uni because I don't take SAT lol.

According to the website and brochures, ICU's classes are in both english and japanese (for u-grad classes..)
by kuroii rate this post as useful

help? 2006/9/6 11:39
does anyone know of art collages or institution in japan?
by chris rate this post as useful

Re: Art Schools 2006/9/19 01:30
To Chris;
I've looked into the art schools over in Japan and unless I've missed something, you need to be fluent in Japanese to attend for all the courses are in Japan. You may need to just try with a place Temple and studt art there if you really want to study in Japan :)
by Me! rate this post as useful

The Best English Univ in Japan 2006/9/22 18:18
As the title states.
Check out Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific Univeristy. (
There are 2 undergraduate colleges, the college of asia pacific studies and the college of asia pacific management and 2 graduate schools, the graduate school of asia pacific studies (m.s. in asia pacific studies, m.s. in international cooperation policy, and ph.d. in asia pacific studies) and the graduate school of management (mba).

all programs are entirely in english with english speaking staff and you may also study japanese to help you out in your daily life.

the school is located in beppu where there are many things to do (not like IUJ which is in, wait i forget where - oh yeah, no where!) and beppu is the hot spring capitol of the world! cool place

i have friends at both places. if you dont mind stupid rules and wanna have a great time and learn, go to APU.

if you wanna have a great time and learn but in the middle of nowhere, go to iuj.

but first, look up both schools. dont base your evaluation on what the ppl in on this site say! lol
by Pimp Daddy G rate this post as useful

Question... 2006/10/14 04:29
I'm looking for an English-speaking college in Japan, too, but I'm having a hard time finding one that has courses for becoming an Emergency Medical Technician... I'm a sophomore in high school so I don't know much about this, but I might be moving to Japan so I need this information. Can anyone help me?
by Brianna rate this post as useful

english music schools? 2006/10/15 13:44
Sorry to add another question, but I've been looking for music schools in Japan that offer courses in English.

I noticed ICU has a music program (looks pretty good), but are there any more?

I couldn't find any other than ICU, but maybe someone here can help me. I would appreciate it!!!

thanks a bunch :)
by noop rate this post as useful

Another Question 2006/12/11 10:13
I'm a junior in high school, and am looking to move to Japan after graduation. I want to learn Japanese, but until then, I would like an English-Speaking College/University.

I have had at least a 3.0 all through high school, and I'm pretty good with my SATs/ACTs. However, I don't know if I can afford college/university. I would prefer scholarships, or at the least a cheap-ish college.

Does anybody know how to help me? at this point, I really wouldn't mind the school being in the middle of nowhere, if that's all I can get.

I'm most likely never going to check this, so if you could email me:

Please and Thank You ahead of time.
by Sam rate this post as useful

art 2007/4/1 06:06
hi i would like to take classes in japan because i would love to be an anime cartoonist and i just wanted to know if there is a certain college recommendation? I am going to try and learn japanese but i cant findany place here in my state that offers it so i would need an english speaking college. Thankyou and i hope no confusion was made lol
by Sarah rate this post as useful

Admission 2008/2/15 01:42
I would like to know what the admission fees and requirements are for Sophia University. I would also like to know if there are any English speaking colleges in Japan that aren't Christian based. please email me the answer at or thank you.
by Crystal rate this post as useful

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