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Sagano Railway - Hozugawa River boat ride 2023/8/15 17:16
Hi all. I am planning to do the railway and then the boat ride.

Assuming I did the railway at 9.02am and ends at 9.25am, will there be sufficient time to get the boat dock for the 10am ride? How do i make the transfer to the boat dock. I have searched Google map for a recommended route. It shows to have a Keihan bus 39, which will take 15mins from Torokko Kameoka Sta. to the boat dock? Is this bus reliable, schedule wise? I am planning to buy the ticket in advance, and hence need to be absolute sure on the bus timing. (Or is a there a need to purchase in advance? I am travelling on 1 December 2023). Appreciate comments and other advices.

thank you.
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Re: Sagano Railway - Hozugawa River boat ride 2023/8/16 10:16
The bus you specified (Keihan bus 39) is for those who ride the Trokko train and the Hozugawa river boat. I am not 100% sure but the boat operator will wait for the bus to arrive, let the people get on board.
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Re: Sagano Railway - Hozugawa River boat ride 2023/9/1 22:36
Hi Peter, you may wish to refer to https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3965.html - last para before "Hours and Fees", it says: Alternatively, buses connect the station to the boat pier of the Hozugawa River Cruises (15 minutes, 310 yen, departures timed to train arrivals).
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