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Furano vs Lake Toya during end October 2023/8/29 13:43
Hello, am planning a trip to Hokkaido during the last week of October. Much as I would love to see everything, that simply isn't possible. Would like to find out whether Lake Toya or Furana would be a better option to include in my itinerary.

I have 10 nights, intending to spend some at Sapporo and Otaru, then i wanted to include either Furano or Lake Toya. Will have a 3y toddler with us. She has expressed interest in volcanoes hence i thought Lake Toya might be interesting for her to see, but at the same time, i wonder whether Furano and its flower farms might be more kid friendly. Granted though, it will no longer be the flower season anymore and hence i'm also wondering whether I should leave Furano for another time?

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Re: Furano vs Lake Toya during end October 2023/8/29 20:38
lake toys-may still have fireworks - there is a chocolate factory in Sapporo
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Re: Furano vs Lake Toya during end October 2023/8/30 22:40
Considering your itinerary and the season, I recommend visiting around Lake Toya over Furano. It boasts volcanoes, and one of them even has a ropeway, which would undoubtedly attract your little daughter. Additionally, Lake Toya offers onsen towns. Some hotels in the towns feature super kid-friendly giant pools which have been delighting local kids for decades, as well as kid-friendly buffet restaurants. But I'm not sure if they still offer buffets after the pandemic, so please check this later.

I don't mean to imply that Furano is any less attractive. The autumn scenery there is also incredibly beautiful. (Especially the hills in Biei, a small town near Furano) However, the final week of October is likely too late to enjoy the sight of blooming flowers and a bit too early for winter activities. Enjoying local wine is one of the great leisure in autumn in Furano, but this will never fully meet your daughter's preferences, because she's just 3!
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