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Where is JR office Central Hachijo Shinkansen 2023/9/17 12:13
When I arrive with my family of 4 at 340 pm in KIX on a Friday, I need to exchange our JR pass vouchers to JR pass and also reserve seats.

As there is only 1 JR Ticket office at KIX and google reviews indicate it is very busy and long queues. I am concerned we may miss the last haruka train leaving KIX at 1016pm as I also need to exchange our Klook Haruka vouchers to travel to Kyoto from the ticket machine/ collect SIM cards and forward our luggage.

Perhaps it is better for me to exchange our JR pass vouchers + reserve seats in Kyoto station as there are 3 JR Ticket Office there.

However, from the Kyoto station map and watching you tube- I can only locate two JR Ticket Office (JR-WEST Central). One near to Central gate and other near West Gate and they close earlier at 8 pm and 9 pm.

As we may arrive in Kyoto station after 8 or 9 pm, I believe the 3rd JR Ticket Office (JR-Central Hachijo Shinkansen) which closes later at 1130pm is a safer bet. But I canft seem to locate it in the Kyoto station map. From watching you tube - I can see only local ticket offices at the Hachijo side of Kyoto station. (Just to confirm -we can exchange JR Pass from only the green sign JR Ticket offices right?

I would greatly appreciate if someone can advise me the location of the JR Ticket Office (JR-Central Hachijo Shinkansen) in Kyoto station.
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Re: Where is JR office Central Hachijo Shinkansen 2023/9/17 16:07
Everything on the south side of Kyoto Station is "Hachijo" and "Shinkansen." Hachijo-dori is the street outside on the south and the shinkansen tracks run through the south part of the station.

Here's a map that points out all the Midori-no-Madoguchis.

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Re: JR-Central - managed ticket office in Kyoto Station 2023/9/17 16:54
- JR-Central: Map of Kyoto Station

On this map, you find
Kintetsu Line Ticket Gate
Shinkansen Central Ticket Gate.

Just beside Shinkansen Central Ticket Gate,
there is the JR Ticket Office which is open until late hours.

(This ticket office is managed by JR-Central;
JR-West Haruka one-way discount tickets are not handled there.)

Haruka trains bound for Kyoto / Yasu (#)
arrive at Track 30 / Track 0.

You go up to the passenger bridge,
exit JR through West Gate,
turn to the left,
walk to the end of the walkway,
and go down to the concourse;
you find the JR Ticket Office on your left.

To check your walking route,
see also the second map provided by JR-West.

- JR-West: Maps of Kyoto Station

- Google StreetView
: From left to right: staircase, ticket office, ticket vending machines, Shinkansen Central Ticket Gate.
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Re: Where is JR office Central Hachijo Shinkansen 2023/9/17 21:29
Thanks very much for your quick reply, Omotenashi! I really appreciate your detailed information and links. They are so very helpful! Now I finally know how to go to this hard to locate JR Ticket Office! Thank you so much!
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Re: Where is JR office Central Hachijo Shinkansen 2023/9/18 08:19
You might not need to be in a huge rush to exchange your vouchers as there are only a couple of JR lines in Kyoto and a rail pass has very little value in the city. If you are immediately doing lots of long distance travel, you have some evening options, but with a 3:40 p.m. arrival, you will be through immigration in under an hour and in no danger of missing the last trains.
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