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Travel to Yoshinogari, Arita and Koishiwara 2023/9/17 18:19
We want to visit Yoshinogari Historical Park, Artia and neighbouring pottery village,Okawachiyama, and the pottery town of Koishiwara over 2 days. We need to start from Yufuin Onsen the first day and finish at Fukuoka on the second for the rest of our trip. I've looked at trains and hiring a car.
I assume we need a car to get to Koishiwara (Toho) so were planning to travel by train to Hita, hire a car for a round trip to Koishiwara fand then take a train to Arita. For the second day we could take the train/bus to Okawachiyama and train to Yoshinogari and another train to Fukuoka but that would be hard to fit into a day.

Please let me know if you have suggestions or other options.
- on public transport - is there a way we can do this?
- do you know of any car companies that do ONE WAY car hire from small stations. e.g.. we could hire a care in Hita and return it to Tosu the next day (I looked and it only seemed cost effective form airports or major towns)? How would driving around there three please be?

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Re: Travel to Yoshinogari, Arita and Koishiwara 2023/9/19 10:15
The Hikoboshi Line opened on August 28th, so it seems like you can go from Hita(日田) to Koishiwara (小石原)by public transportation.
At Hoshu-yama(宝珠山), transfer to Nishitetsu Bus Kurume(西鉄バス久留米).
Hita timetable
Hoshu-yama timetable
Bus from Koishiwara to Haki(杷木)
(Ride from Hoshu-yama to Koishiwara)
By the way, the bus from Hakata to Hita also seems to stop at Haki.I don't know how far it is from the bus stop for Koishiwara.
Limited timetable from 2023.7.1 to 11.30
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Re: Travel to Yoshinogari, Arita and Koishiwara 2023/9/19 10:48
I wrote that you can go to Koishiwara by bus, but since there are many potteries scattered throughout, it is still more convenient to go by car.
If you can drop off your rental car, you can return it to another office.
You can use Times Rent a Car's Hita Station store until October 2, 2023 (it appears to be closed). You can also return it at the Shin-Tosu Ekimae store in Saga Prefecture.
Toyota rental cars also seem to be ok.
It snows in winter, so unless you are used to driving on snowy roads, it is best to avoid driving there.
National tourist information center information
I think you can find more detailed information here.
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