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Fukuoka Airport to Hiroshima on same day 2023/9/22 11:10

My two kids (16 and 15) and I arrivie at Fukuokka Airport at 7:35pm on 22 December. Rather than unpacking and repacking in hotel in Fukuoka, we wanted to go straight to our Hiroshima AirBNB the same night we arive straight from the airport. How do I best ensure I can get a bullet train that evening from the main station and is getting to the main station from airport simple and quick?
Will it be easy enoguh to be able to buy a ticket before hand (I guess they release tickets a month prior?) Can we make it in time? Also, are there any train tickets I should by such as a region pass if I'm going Fukuoka to Hiroshima on 22 Dec, then Hiroshima to Kyoto on 26 December for 5 nights (day trip to Osaka)? After this we go Tokyo on 31 December (definitely need to book that ticket in advance :) then to Shizukuishi Prince Hotel ski resort near Morioka on 6 Jan for 5 nights and on 11 Jan get train back to Tokyo so we can get to Haneda airport for an international flight at 9:55pm (need to be at airport at 6:30pm, so hopefuully we can do this?)

I think safe to say the above itineray will not pay off for a JR Rail pass (I could have easily bought this week and then activated whe arrived), but would be keen to know if any individual tickets or regional passes may work better and when would I need to buy these? Thanks
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Re: Fukuoka Airport to Hiroshima on same day 2023/9/22 17:46
From Fukuoka airpot to hakata:260 yen,5 min
From JR hakata to hiroshima st = 5170 yen
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Re: Fukuoka Airport to Hiroshima on same day 2023/9/22 18:09
gI arrivie at Fukuokka Airport at 7:35pmh

For me this cuts it a bit tight. Yes, in most cases youfll be able to make it to the last Shinkansen, but there isnft that much time. Assume 1 h to get out of the airport and itfs 20:35. Then you need to go to the domestic terminal where the subway is and to hakata station. You should seriously consider taking a taxi.
Last Shinkansen is shortly before 22:00. (May depend on day).

Yes, most cases youfll be able to make it. But missing the last train is a possibility.

Same for your trip back from Morioka to Haneda. I would prefer to be in Tokyo the day before. Yes, Shinkansen are incredibly reliable, but weather (and earthquakes) arenft. With a certain regularity Shinkansen are stopped. Normally for half a day or a day due to weather. Eg last Friday evening I was at Tokyo station taking a Shinkansen to Tohoku and there was an incredible amount of people inside the station because the Tokaido Shinkansen (towards Osaka) was interrupted for a few hours due to heavy rain.
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Re: Fukuoka Airport to Hiroshima on same day 2023/10/3 16:56
Hi! This is a little unrelated, but it's regarding the booking of your Shinkansen journey from Hakata to Hiroshima.

Using a ticket alone, the journey would cost you 8,570 ~. However, you can purchase a One-Way Sanyo Shinkansen Ticket between the two stations on JR West's website for 6,300 ~.

A suggestion would be for you to book a train that's late enough such that even if your flight is delayed, you can still exchange your ticket and take that train. Of course, if you're early, having dinner at Hakata station is a great idea as well..

Hope that helps :))
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