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How early does in snow in Kusatsu Onsen? 2023/10/10 14:51

I am planning to travel to Toyko on 13th December, and I want to make a side-trip to Gunma Prefecture for a couple of nights. The main reason is because I'd like to take my three young children (all 10 and under) to experience snow for the first time.

I've never been to Gunma before, but after doing some research I think my best options will be either Kusatsu Onsen (which has a small ski resort that plans to open 17th Dec) or Karuizawa (which seems to have a ski resort that opens early December).

My kids don't have to do any snow sports or anything like that. I think just an opportunity for them to frolick in the snow and make snowmen will be an incredible experience. But of course if they go to the ski resort and play on the sleds and tubes - that would be icing on the cake.

My question is - how early does it snow in Kusatsu Onsen? That would be my first choice over Karuizawa because the pictures of Kusatsu look incredible! Me and the kids would be incredibly disappointed if we went there and don't see any snow.

Reading online that Karuizawa's Prince Ski Resort opens in early Dec, I'm thinking maybe I could hedge my bets and spend one night in Karuizawa, and one night in Kusatsu Onsen.

But if there is a good chance of snow in Kusatsu around the time I go, than I may prefer to spend both nights in Kusatsu Onsen - because Karuizawa doesn't really seem to have anything more of interest to me besides the ski resort. Maybe the outlet mall - but I'm sure I can squeeze that in a couple hours before going back to Tokyo.

Thanks in advance
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Re: How early does in snow in Kusatsu Onsen? 2023/10/10 15:33
It usually starts snowing around early December. The average depth of snow on December 13 is 7cm for the past 30 years.

To give you an idea, the depth was as follows in the past few years:
2022: 3cm
2021: none
2020: 1cm
2019: none
2018: 2cm
2017: 2cm
2016: 6cm
2015: none
2014: 26cm
2013: 5cm

The Kusatsu ski resort did not open until December 17 last year.
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Re: How early does in snow in Kusatsu Onsen? 2023/10/13 07:03
Thank u so much for that information!
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