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travel to naoshima island 2023/10/28 20:00
Hi All,

I plan to go to Naoshima island from uno port in March 2024. I can't find the detail of ferry and ferry timetable information. I would like to know :

1) Is the ferry for vehicle and passenger? Is it require to reserve the ferry ticket?

2) I found the ferry timetable on uno port website but I don't understand. It seems like one way from uno port to miyanoura port at 06:00. after that it's not. Who can explain it to me?

3) I should rent a car at okayama or Naoshima island, which one is better.

Thank you for your kind,
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Re: travel to naoshima island 2023/10/30 08:47
You could not find the timetable?
Shows capacity passengers/cars - reservation not required.
A car on the island will be of limited use. I don't recall many car parks. There are some for the larger art museums, but in the built up areas hardly any. The place is seriously tiny and mostly walkable - or the bus covers some of the longer hops.
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Re: travel to naoshima island 2023/10/30 10:42
Thank you very much.
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Re: travel to naoshima island 2023/10/30 19:05
Here is a very useful website regarding Naoshima travel, including transport, sightseeing, staying, eating, etc. It's the Naoshima Tourism Association's official site.


There are cars to rent on Naoshima -- many with little black dots like the pumpkins -- but, as already mentioned above, their use will likely be problematical. Parking aside, assuming you are not staying at the Benesse House, to go around the Benesse site area, you would still need to take a free shuttle bus (which operates between Tsutsuji-so and the Chichu Art Museum, making brief stops at the Benesse House Museum and the Lee Ufan Museum) or walk -- either uphill or downhill so the shuttle bus is recommended at least for some of the visits. The shuttle bus connects with the town bus at Tsutsuji-so (the last stop coming from Miyanoura Port).

You can also rent bicycles on the island, preferably an electric one, if you don't wish to take the town bus, but you would still have to park the bicycle outside of the Benesse site area, and then use the free shuttle or walk within it.

The town bus is pretty easy to use and it costs 100 yen for an adult (at least it did a couple of years ago and the town website still indicates that fare).

I hope the above info helps.

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Re: travel to naoshima island 2023/10/31 15:56
Hi abc,

Thank you very much.
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