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Fail to advance booking Sagano train 2023/11/2 04:09
Hi, I plan to go to Japan on November 24, 2023.

Day 1 - 24/11/2023: Stay in Osaka.

Day 2 - 25/11/2023: Travel from Osaka to Kyoto and return to Osaka.

Day 3 - 26/11/2023: Travel from Osaka to Kyoto and return to Osaka.

While in Kyoto, I would like to ride the Sagano Romantic Train. However, I failed to make an advance reservation via internet booking as I found it was already fully booked. I understand that there are tickets available, but I must purchase them at the station, correct?

Can I buy the tickets at Osaka Station on the first day that I arrive in Japan (24/11/2023), or do I need to buy them in Kyoto?

If I need to purchase them in Kyoto, which option is more convenient: buying and starting at Kameoka Station or buying and starting at Torokko Station?

How early should I arrive at the station before the train's departure?
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Re: Fail to advance booking Sagano train 2023/11/2 16:15

General information. Probably this is the auto translation so it might be somewhat strange, but I think you can understand.


Ticketing. See the B. Day-of Tickets section. Day-of tickets On-Sale times.

Saga Torokko Station:approx. 8:35 a.m.

Arashiyama Torokko Station:approx. 8:50 a.m.

Kameoka Torokko Station:approx. 9:10 a.m.

This means they sell tickets only in these three stations. Osaka? No. Kyoto? No.

You can check seat availability.


You can buy Day-of (same day) ticket on the same day, of course so you can check the availability on the same day.

When I got on this train 3 years ago in the end of November, I bought the same day tickets at Saga Torokko Station and ride to Kameoka and then back. Saga Torokko station is more convenient and you can do something to kill your time, but at the same time Saga to Kameoka direction is more rapidly sold-out. You can check the availability for 21-23rd Nov and decide how to do.
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