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Disneyland App: Credit Card registration 2023/11/6 17:13

I am traveling to Japan next week and am planning to visit Tokyo Disneyland, is there anyway to pre register my credit card with Tokyo Disneyland (website / app) so I have the credit card ready on the app for Premier Access Pass purchase when my am there, I'm traveling alone with a young child and want to avoid any hassle of doing all these on the app when I am there.

Also I had problem purchase the tickets from Tokyo Disneyland website, bought my tickets from Klook - am able to successfully register my tickets on the Tokyo Disneyland app but I could not find an option on the app or its official website to register my credit card for purchases while I am there.

Any help/advice would be much appreciated, thank you.
by Shelly (guest)  

Re: Disneyland App: Credit Card registration 2023/11/8 14:20
Honestly, you'd probably be better off just buying the tickets when you get there. You don't necessarily have to buy them in advance as they're not going to run out of them. If you're really stuck on buying the tickets online, you could always opt to buy it online and print out the receipt through the machine at the local convenience store.

Either way, you're going to have to pick up the tickets when you get to Disney land, so it might just be easier to get in line and get them there.
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