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Shinkansen ticket for Nov. 9 to Kyoto? 2023/11/6 23:50

Sorry but I have become very confused trying to buy Shinkansen tickets online.

My question: is it ok to buy the ticket at Tokyo Station for Nov. 9 travel to Kyoto either evening of Nov. 8 or Nov. 9 (day of travel)? Will it be too busy or no tickets?

Thank you very much!!
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Re: Shinkansen ticket for Nov. 9 to Kyoto? 2023/11/7 06:48
9/Nov Is a normal Thursday so unless you travel in a very large group and want to sit together there will be no problem to buy a ticket. If you start at Tokyo station my advice would be to buy an unreserved seat at the vending machine. It is marginally cheaper and as the train starts at Tokyo station you just line up at the unreserved car and sit in a free seat. Advantage of this is you donft need to run nor wait. Meaning you buy the ticket at the machine then walk to the Shinkansen gate. If you want to buy a snack , something to drink you donft need to hurry because you donft need to catch a specific train. And once done you line up at the unreserved car of the next Nozomi(!!) and get on.

If you go for reserved their sale ends a few minutes before departure of the train but if you donft know the station layout those few minutes might be too short for you to make it to the train. Which wouldnft be a catastrophe either. As you could take with that same ticket the next unreserved Nozomi as well. But it adds a level of stress.
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