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First Visit - Narita airport timings? 2023/11/7 14:46
Ifve learned so much already from this forum but my question is quite specific. Ifm travelling alone to join my husband and Ifm quite nervous.
I arrive at Narita around 5pm on a Monday. Ifm leaning towards pre-booking the limo bus that will drop me off at our hotel in Shinjuku.
My question is how long is it currently taking to get through the airport? (I appreciate its hard to be exact.) Therefs a bus at either 6.05 or 7.05 and Ifm unsure which one to book.
Thank you in advance
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Re: First Visit - Narita airport timings? 2023/11/7 17:49
Hmm. 18:05 seems to be cutting it very fine. Giving only 65 minutes from landing to bus. But your flight might land early. Other people might know better if prebooking is actually needed.
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Re: First Visit - Narita airport timings? 2023/11/7 17:58
why don't you ask your husband to catch you up at Narita airport ?
if he come to Narita, he will take care of your luggage and you may date at the airport. you can take dinner, or just walking around with the two.
he can buy a sim for your smartphone and set it up in the bus. then, you and he can communicate each other.
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Re: First Visit - Narita airport timings? 2023/11/7 20:12
Took the limo bus to Shinjuku Washington ỉn previous trips pre-pandemic and we always bought tickets upon arrival. We always reserved the seats from Shinjuku back to the airport though.

There may not be a need to buy tickets in advance but you may do so for peace of mind. I think you can buy tickets via Klook without specifying the time. You can just exchange the voucher when you land and take the next available bus.
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Re: First Visit - Narita airport timings? 2023/11/7 20:31
I guess your flight is Air Newzealand's ANZ99. You can check the arrival times for the past flights.


As you see, it is rather delayed and sometimes for a few hours. So, as Andrea suggested you may better buy the ticket after you land in Narita. You might be worried about the language barrier, but don't worry, the staff will understand some basic English. You may better have printed paper indicating your hotel name.
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Re: First Visit - Narita airport timings? 2023/11/8 03:06
These answers are so useful, thank you. I think Ifll just wait and buy the ticket at Narita, I was worried the bus might be full but Ifm now realising Ifm catastrophising!
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Re: First Visit - Narita airport timings? 2023/11/9 23:30
Welcome to Japan! I deeply understand how you would get nervous when you land on an unknown airport in an unknown country for the first time. So do I! Getting nervous, but getting a bit excited at the same time.

The number of passengers using a limo-bus from Narita Airport must be recovering rapidly, but I don't think it'll be so crowded that all buses will be unavailable. According to the timetable, the limo-bus to the west gate of Shinjuku Station departs almost every 20 minutes (and some buses stop in front of specific hotels as well). Meanwhile, the arrival time of your flight can vary and be quite unpredictable. So, I agree with some users recommending you not to buy a ticket in advance but after arriving at the airport.

Even if you miss a bus or some later buses are already fully reserved, you can simply buy a ticket for the next available one. Narita Airport, especially Terminal 1, is huge and has plenty of places to pass the time. You can relax at a coffee shop, or enjoy window shopping at some souvenir shops, etc., while you wait for the bus. There is nothing to fear!
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