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Kansai Airport - Transit from T1 to T2 2023/11/8 03:21
Hi, would like to know if 2hrs35mins is sufficient to travel from T1 to T2 for transit:
Arrival time at T1 (international flight): 8:35am
Departure time from T2 (Domestic flight) : 11am

Thank you for helping!
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Re: Kansai Airport - Transit from T1 to T2 2023/11/8 13:26
Hi, there is definitely sufficient time. The clearance takes about 45 mins from disembarkation to customs in Terminal 1 on a good day, so that should give a lot of leeway.
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Re: Kansai Airport - Transit from T1 to T2 2023/11/9 22:48
Having a 2-hour and 35-minute leeway for your transit looks sufficient and okay to me. However, we need to be aware of some potential risks in the case of Terminal 2 of KIX.

You may already know, Terminal 2 of KIX is located so far away from Terminal 1 that all passengers need to take a shuttle bus. (It's free but takes around 5 or 10 minutes.) As far as I know, the shuttle bus stop is also located apart from Terminal 1, under another building called Aero Plaza. In my experience, it used to take a few minutes from the entrance gate of Terminal 1 to the shuttle bus stop.
Additionally, all airlines in Terminal 2 are low-cost carriers, which don't have flexible regulations. They don't consider flight connections with another airline, and if you miss the flight for any reason, they won't provide a refund but will only instruct you to repurchase a ticket at the regular price.

If your first flight arrives at KIX without any problems, that will be okay. You may need to consider the time to clear immigration and to get to Terminal 2, but that's totally okay (again). But if it's delayed too much, ... just hurry up.
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