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Best food to try in Tsujiki Fish Market 2023/11/16 19:49
Any recommendations in terms of best food/must try snacks in Tsujiki Fish Market? I heard about Sushi Dai but didn't want to wake up at 4:30am. It closes at 2pm so I wonder if we can grab a seat at if we show up at 10am?

Any other recommendations in the area, or Ginza which we plan to go after Tsujiki Fish Market? Thanks!
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Re: Best food to try in Tsujiki Fish Market 2023/11/20 00:46
My recommendations are based on living in Japan as a kid and going to the market as well as visiting it almost every time i am in Japan each year...

...just about every Japanese food stall and restaurant will be more authentic and better in quality then anything you can find in your home country especially given the prices

....think going native, don't go with the tourist crowd, lining up in front of restaurants full of tourist, and get Dragon Rolls and such nonsense which are not really sushi anyways...find stalls and restaurants that have chirashi, nigiri or sashimi where you can actually taste the fish and its nuances

...places that are popular in social media such as Sushi Dai are fine but almost every other sushi place will be great too and my favorite places are Sushi-Sei and Edogin in Tsukiji but everyone has their favorites.

...many of the Japanese shops are specialty in that they specialize in one thing...so if you like Uni, find an Uni specialty shop and order something from there, if you like Ikura, there are several of those specialty shops where you can get that too...

...make sure to go down the small alleyways as there are shops in there too that will have fabulous food even if it is just a few chairs and a stall...

....finally, go early or go later...it is better to be there by 7a and be able to relax in your walk around or go later after 12p when the morning rush of tourists dies down a bit...personally, if I am eating breakfast I try to go by 7a or 730a and eat there or if for dinner I try to go around 530p when Sushi-sei and others reopen for dinner

Hope this helps....

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Re: Best food to try in Tsujiki Fish Market 2023/11/24 17:48
I would recommend shop selling whale snacks - they have whale BBQ, cutlets and small pieces of fried? whale meat. Especially the BBQ sticks were really good.

Strawberry daifuku with custard cream were also really good, but thats not exactly Tsukiji specialty :)

As for sushi restaurants I have visited two places and I was not impressed with either of them - but I dont remember names of those places or their locations. In one of them I had assorted sushi plate with blowtorch "finish" and it was probably the second worst sushi I have had in my life. All sushi pieces tasted and smelled like burned lighter gas, complete waste of what probably were good quality pieces of fish meat. I dont know, either they messed up something or some people have a really weird taste ¯\_(c)_/¯
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Re: Best food to try in Tsujiki Fish Market 2023/11/24 18:20
So the name of the whale place is "Tsukiji Whale zň~" and the name of the second sushi restaurant with blowtorch sushi is "Tsukiji Magoemon zn Eq"
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Re: Best food to try in Tsujiki Fish Market 2023/12/11 18:01
The idea of exploring the small alleyways and seeking out specialty shops sounds truly exciting - I can't wait to experience the authentic flavors of Tsukiji!
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