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Would it snow in Nagano 14-17 Dec? 2023/11/19 18:30

Would there be snow in Nagano between 14-17 Dec?

If so, where would be a good place to play snow? Like a children's park or something similar?

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Re: Would it snow in Nagano 14-17 Dec? 2023/11/20 07:47
Yes, the higher mountains of Nagano Prefecture are guaranteed to have snow in mid December. Whether the ski resorts have snow in lower altitudes is not guaranteed. There have been past years when many resorts could not open until late December. But it is likely that some resorts will already be open. Many have snow play areas:

Nagano City - in case you refer to the city rather than the prefecture - does not see a lot of snow in mid December. Your chances would be below 50%. The pattern in the city is that there is sometimes a snowfall, and that the snow disappears again.
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Re: Would it snow in Nagano 14-17 Dec? 2023/11/20 13:54
Thank you Uji for the reply...

Thanks to your pointing out, I see this page with information for kids activities:

Having read through it and never having been on a winter holiday or skiing at all, I'm a little confused by the information so I thought I'll post some questions here and hopefully you or any others familiar with the process can help:

1. I intend to go to the Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park in the morning. Then I would like to go over to the snow play areas in Shiga Kogen, from my awareness they're like 30 min apart by bus. Would that be possible? I notice the snow play areas close by 3.30 pm.

2. Do I need a ski lift ticket to get to the play areas? I mean once I get off the bus at the correct bus stop in the Shiga Kogen ski area, do I just walk to the play areas? Or must I buy a ski lift ticket to go up?

3. I see there are 2 free play areas
a. Yakebisno Chaleland "Family Snow Park"
b. Okushiga Kids Park
Do these have sleds & other equipment for sliding around?

4. Once it's 3.30 pm, and the play area closes, would there be any other options to entertain kids? Or it's just go home?

Thank you very much!
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