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Sagano Romantic Train 2023/11/24 19:19
I have made reservation for Sagano Romantic Train 15:30 Kameoka-Saga, RICH car #5, seat no. 14-A,B,C,D (next to the locomotive).

Are these seats good? Can I change them, and if yes, then how?

I plan to tour Arashiyama in the morning. Then 14:30 take JR train from Saga to JR Umahori station to take the romantic train.

What will be the advisable walking route in Arashiyama?

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Re: Sagano Romantic Train 2023/11/25 13:44
you can cancel the previous seats and as the second step you can order new ones. no one knows you can get new ones.
you may buy seats doubly (need double amounts of money) and cancel the previous ones.

there is no priority that you have the seat already. Japan is a fair county for everyone.
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Re: Sagano Romantic Train 2023/11/26 13:28
This Train Line is 7 km Long.you need 880 yen for 7 km journey from Torokko -saga to torokko- kameoka by sagano scenic railway
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