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Aizu-Wakamatsu in winter 2023/11/28 17:25
Trying to figure if it is worth going all the way to Aizu-Wakamatsu during winter? Is it going to be deep deep snow coverage making it hard to traverse the area?

I thnk the most interest is the castle, the Ouchijiku area (not in Aizu I know)
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Re: Aizu-Wakamatsu in winter 2023/11/29 12:57
I went there at the end of 2011 and had a good time.
The snow was already on the ground. I went for a drive in my brother's car.
If you are not used to snowy roads, it is possible to go by train, although the number of trains is small.
When I went to a ski resort in Lake Inawashiro with my friends, I took a train and a taxi.
It is not certain that taxis are staying at the Aizu Railway Yunokami-onsen station.
The Higashiyama Onsen was melting the sherbet-like snow with a snow melting agent, but it was cold in the morning, so it was icy. When you walk, I recommend you to wear non-slip shoes such as boots and rubber boots.
I went to Ouchi-juku, Aizuwakamatsu (I also visited the inside of the castle), Higashiyama Onsen, and ate ramen at Bandai Shokudo in Kitakata.
I particularly liked Takato soba (eaten with Japan leeks instead of chopsticks) in Ouchi-juku Misawaya and around Nanukamachi in Aizuwakamatsu.
I also came to like a shop selling folk crafts called Fukunishi Honten in Hideyo Noguchi Seishun Street.
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Re: Aizu-Wakamatsu in winter 2023/11/29 14:06
Not much snow for the past few (5-6)years, except for certain day or two of blizzard.
Wakamatsu is a nice pit stop/to stay while you go about your times to surrounding areas Inawashiro ski resorts,Urabandai, Ouchi-juku.
Well nothing much to do at Wakamatsu other than Tsuruga Castle, Nanuka-machi, Higashiyama Onsen, Samurai Mansion etc.

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Re: Aizu-Wakamatsu in winter 2023/11/29 21:29
Aizu-Wakamatsu Castle and Ouchijuku are really beautiful in the snow, but I will say that it is not guaranteed to have snow, even in January and February. If there is no snow, they are still nice destinations, but the snow really makes the scenery more beautiful. If you only want to visit if there is snow, you'll need to check the weather. I'd also recommend using Instagram to find the most recent and up-to-date pictures taken before you go. Instagram is a big help for seeing up-to-date snowfall, cherry blossoms, autumn leaves, etc.

Overall Aizu-Wakamatsu has a lot of nice places to visit and sauce katsudon is highly recommended as the local dish. If you are a fan of castles and castle towns, it's definitely worthwhile. Higashiyama Onsen is also very nice.
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