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Safe to drive to Takayama when snowing? 2024/1/13 11:34
We will be renting a car from Nagoya to Narai - Takayama - Shirakawago in early February 2024.
is it safe to drive in winter on these roads for tourist? Will any of this road be closed due to snow.?
Thank you
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Re: Safe to drive to Takayama when snowing? 2024/1/13 14:07
If you don't have winter driving skills, then it will not be safe to drive in the snow. Public transportation tends to be quite good in the area.
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Re: Safe to drive to Takayama when snowing? 2024/1/13 21:46
It is UNsafe, and gwinter tiresh donft really change that. They give you a little more traction but not a whole lot. And it doesnft have to actually be snowing. In winter, there can be accumulated packed snow, and there can also be ice, which is even worse and not always easy to see.

I have many years of experience with winter driving in the place where I live, and I wouldnft even consider renting a car in Japan in the winter. If you take public transportation, then not only will you spare yourself the stress and anxiety involved in driving under dicey conditions, you will be largely protecting yourself and your loved ones from other drivers, including foreign tourists who have no winter driving experience.
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