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Luggage storage Gokurakubashi Train Station 2024/1/29 06:26
Are there coin lockers at Gokurakubashi Train Station that can be used over night?
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Re: Luggage storage Gokurakubashi Train Station 2024/1/29 19:48
Hi there,

There are no coin lockers in Gokurakubashi station, but there are some in Koyasan station (see map here: However there are very few lockers in Koyasan: nine small lockers, six medium and four large ( I didn't find info saying that you can't use them overnight, so it should be possible. If you are using a locker overnight, you will have to pay when you put your suitcase in the locker, and pay again the day after when you pick up your luggage. It looks like the lockers in Koyasan station only accept 100 yen coins, make sure to have change !

You also could use luggage forwarding services such as kuro neko yamato. Depending on the size and weight of your luggage, it might be a similar price as storing it in a locker, and in addition you would have it delivered in your accomodation at the date/time you prefer.
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