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Kanazawa or Nakasendo trail? 2024/2/17 13:38
I am considering a visit to Japan for May. Definites on the list would be Tokyo and Kyoto. Instead of going straight from one to the other, I am looking into travelling via Kanazawa or the Kiso Valley to do the Nakasendo trail. I have about 2 days spare to do this. If anyone has done both, I would love to hear how the two compare and which you think is better.
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Re: Kanazawa or Nakasendo trail? 2024/2/18 12:32
Kanazawa and Nakasendo are two very different targets. Kanazawa is usually for the garden and castle (and the chaya district and a few others), while Nakasendo is a hike between various post towns. Certainly Kanazawa transport/logistics is much easier, but the two are very different.
Which one is "better" depends on you and what experience you are after.
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Re: Kanazawa or Nakasendo trail? 2024/2/18 15:09
I've been to both several times but now tend to head toward the old Nakasendo post towns over Kanazawa just because I now try to avoid the ever-increasing tourist crowds. That said, I think you'd get more out of a 2-day stop in Kanazawa than spending time along the Kiso River.

Nakasendo (Kisokaido) has:
Kiso-Hirasawa - lots of lacquerware
Narai-juku - the next town down from Kiso Hirasawa within walking distance
Magome-Tsumago hike with the 2 post towns as end points and couple of waterfalls in the middle
Some of the other post towns have a few buildings here and there but not as preserved as the above 3.
All have old Edo Period buildings strung out along a single street of the Nakasendo.

Has the Nishi- and Higashi- Chaya districts, similar to the post towns on the Nakasendo with old architecture.
Nagamachi Samurai district with old mud walls capped by small roofs
Kutani-yaki pottery - shop and watch the potters work
Temple district with "Ninja-dera"
Kenrokuen - two level garden with water brought in from a nearby river
Arts and Crafts Museum & Seison Villa next to the gardens
Omicho Market
Old Castle grounds with some reconstructed buildings - part of the park was closed from the earthquake.

The only problem with Kanazawa is that the train station is off by itself. I select a hotel in the Korinbo area which is in the middle of all the sights and just take a taxi from the station.
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